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I've a list of the good, the bad and the ugly shows I have to write about first but for this one I'll make an exception since they are closing in a couple of weeks and if you are in NYC, you have to go see it.
It's probably the most heroic theatrical endeavor I've ever witnessed. They stage all four 1599 WS plays: Henry V, Julius Caesar, As you like it and Hamlet, in one sprawling yet intimate, immersive production, where 4 hours seem shorter then an hour at a Broadway Shakespeare play.
6 actors. Amazing space. 20-24 viewers. It's imaginative, unabashed, fresh, bordering of naive, energetic and very touching. When Ophelia was listing her flowers, the girl in the audience cried together with her. When mob was killing the wrong Cinna, it was actually brutal, and when Henry was kissing Katherine (both played by girls) it was both politically and erotically skillful.
You can bring a picnic style dinner with you or buy their very tasty veggie dinner. The only faux pas was cheap wine, no wonder Gertrude is no longer with us. But then you can always stick to beer.
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