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Chronologically, rather then systematically. For future references rather then recommendations.

Bedlam's Sense and Sensibility. http://bedlam.org/whats-on/sense-sensibility/
The first Bedlam's show I actually enjoyed. It's a deliciously inventive whirlwind of great staging, mischievous ready-for-anything actors and overall the most joyful ride of the year. Still on, hop on it while you can.

Phaedra(s) w/Isabelle Huppert. http://www.bam.org/theater/2016/phaedras
Hysterical overhyped overplayed and underthought most annoying play of the year.

An Occupation of Loss. Taryn Simon. http://www.armoryonpark.org/programs_events/detail/taryn_simon
Terrific sculptures at Armory with an interesting concept of real-life mourners from all over the world (read, the third world) but too short and too unfinished. Good raw material that needs development, work in progress rather.

The Encounter. http://theencounterbroadway.com
Broadway of the year. It's an ideal podcast rather then a full-on play but oh-so-much-better then anything you can see on today's Broadway. Simon McBurney has always been my hero, he doesn't produce plays as often as I like but maybe because of that each one is a revelation.

Love, Love, Love http://www.roundabouttheatre.org/Shows-Events/Love-Love-Love.aspx
Meaningless rant on the 60-s generation. It's spot on and really about my parents but soon boring and acted out in bad decorations so so badly.

Small Mouth Sounds http://smallmouthsounds.com
Cute and unnecessary play. Decent actors but the text and staging could use improvements. A lot of improvements.

Songs of Lear http://www.bam.org/theater/2016/songs-of-lear
Teatr Piesn Kozła is my favorite underdog now. This is essence of Lear, pure and simple and ecstatic.

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