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part II - October

Circle Map at Armory
“To journey into Saariaho’s music is to be confronted with the darkest and most dazzling dimensions of your subconscious,” - tells us The Guardian. I'd rather appreciate is at least 10 minutes out of those 2 hours were devoted to my conscious. The work may be soulful but it's completely thoughtless, and brilliant rendition by New York Philharmonic notwithstanding under Esa-Pekka Salonen exposed that rather then concealed. But then thoughtlessness is quite difficult to be concealed. The projected pseudo-sagacious images of Saariaho's husband worsened the matter even further. Overall, it felt like I was drowning in a bland 70-s experimental nightmare.

Vortex Temporum at BAM http://www.bam.org/dance/2016/vortex-temporum…
I remember Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's almost 4 hour long Cesena and En atendant by the scene. Snippets of those medieval melodies, rays of that lightning, footwork and deliciously gnarly bodies of those dancers. That was three years ago - http://uniqum.livejournal.com/2013/12/15/
Last year Partita was quiet and intimate, if not revelatory - http://uniqum.livejournal.com/290270.html
I've seen Vortex less then a month ago. I remember it a bit boring and repetitive but adequate. Its music, it's dance and dancers, it's idea and emotion - I completely forgot them. Falling out of love with a choreographer is sad.

Ajax and Squash by the Flea theater.
Utterly douchealarious bullshit.

human requiem at St.John The Divine.
That was dutifully and timely reported already: https://www.facebook.com/tatyana.voloshin1/posts/10154395888149733?pnref=story

Leonidas Kavakos plays Bach and conducts Schumann at LC
Possibly due to the profound effect of the human requiem a night before, Kavokos fell flat on my ears. The weird synchronicity with orchestra and overall timing of Bach's violin concerto in D minor was rather disheartening, and the his conducting debut... Kayakos led orchestra without having a score, and I suspect he thought he was conducing Beethoven. And again, what was that tempo?

American Classical Orchestra "Vivaldi and others" at LC
The most memorable concert of the year. Impossible to forget those out of tune violins, those off-pitched musicians, those weak and downright wrong renditions of the simplest works.

JACK quartet at Armory http://www.armoryonpark.org/…/…/recital_series_jack_quartet/
Same as the Circle Map above: great performers are involved into a turgid staging of quotes and images about space exploration with John Reynald's score.
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