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Voloshin's 2016 Laurels

I know you can't start on that champagne without reading Voloshin's 2016 Laurels.
Do not despair, here they come:
Best Director - Heiner Goebbels for De Materie at Armory: http://uniqum.livejournal.com/292621.html
Best Actor - Frank Langella in the Father: http://uniqum.livejournal.com/292937.html
Best Actress - Marin Ireland in Ironbound: http://uniqum.livejournal.com/292447.html
Best Broadway play a tie between The Encounter http://uniqum.livejournal.com/294298.html and the Crucible http://uniqum.livejournal.com/293960.html
Best Off Broadway Bedlam's Sense and Sensibility: http://uniqum.livejournal.com/294298.html
With a node to the Wolves: http://uniqum.livejournal.com/294770.html
Off Off Broadway 1599 at Irondale: http://uniqum.livejournal.com/293218.html
Musical performance - human requiem at St.John The Divine. https://www.facebook.com/tatyana.voloshin1/posts/10154395888149733?pnref=story
Nothing in Ballet category. Nothing at all. Unbelievably so.
Overall it's been another good year at Armory, another horrible year at BAM, another empty year at Lincoln Center, and a decent year for both Broadway and off-Broadway.
I am hopeful for stronger cross-genres, for more urgent themes, for fresher approach, for constructive dialogs and young talents. Both in theater and life.
And that was my first toast. Happy New Year!
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